Today, after 160 years, Charles Hager’s legacy continues to be a driving force in the Hager day-to-day operations. Fifth and sixth generation Hager descendants still own and operate the business, with a hands-on approach that upholds the company’s reputation for excellence. Their high regard for their history can be found at the Hager Companies headquarters — in the same St. Louis, Missouri, location where the business started, a building that is now designated as one of the region’s historic landmarks by the Missouri Historical Society.

Hager Companies employs approximately 500 employees in the United States and has developed key strategic partnerships with international suppliers. Their manufacturing plants/distribution centers are located in Montgomery and Oxford, Alabama, with an international distribution center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If you have any questions or would like to order or see physical samples of the Hager Companies product line, please come by our office at 1100 West Ash or call us at (785) 827-7281 and one of our sales professionals will be happy to assist you.

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