ASTRA-GLAZE-SW+® glazed units by Trenwyth Industries are pre-faced architectural concrete masonry blocks that have a thermoset glazing compound permanently molded to one or more faces. This glazing compound is cured and heat- treated in gas-fired tunnel kilns, thus becoming an integral part of the unit. The glazed facings are molded in individual molds, ensuring dimensional uniformity of the glazed facing regardless of minor variations in the block.

Glazed concrete blocks manufactured in Pennsylvania are lightweight units conforming to ASTM C90.

Glazed concrete units manufactured in Arizona are medium weight units conforming to ASTM C90.

The glazed surface features a satin-gloss finish and externally heat-polymerized cast-on facing confirming to ASTM C744. All units contain Trenwyth-approved integral water-repellent CMU admixture at the time of manufacture to resist mold and moisture.

If you have any questions or would like to see physical samples of the Astra Glaze product line, please come by our office at 1100 West Ash or call us at (785) 827-7281 and one of our sales professionals will be happy to assist you.

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